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Work and work and ... work

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 6:42 AM

Hey guys.

One might get the impression that I'm not that active at the moment. It's due to the huge amount of work that queues up in front of me. I work 8h a day in the lab/office for my PhD, I started a very strict workout plan which i follow when I get home, and afterwards I try to keep on top of things concerned photography. I hardly get out to actually shoot something. I'm pretty much struggling at the moment, but it's rather positive stress, so I guess I can cope.

I will shoot some springtime portraits with new faces on Sunday and am rather excited. I also was able to lay hands on my grandpas old Agfa Billy I folding camera (analogue) and his Kodak Supercolor polaroid cam. Films already arrived and I am dying to try them out. Analogue photography I did when I was a kid, using my dad's SLR but that seems lightyears ago...

Stay tuned, I may be back with loads o stuff soon (when I find some time).
Embrace your freetime guys, you never appreciate it fully unless you barely got some!

Best, Krissey

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March 28, 2014